This site is dedicated to the students of Sacred Texts delivered to Israel.

Created to expose the views of the author regarding the subjects that are your interest and to share his interpretation of the Sacred Text, in relation to the fulfillment of the prophecies contained in the Holy Scriptures which are the supreme knowledge to which man can attain.

Here the visitor will find things that the author did not find any source, be written on paper or virtual that would dealt with the treated and is the main objective of this source, namely: Termination of Roman imperialism and the unmasking of its main character called christ.

There is a long time that I study the Scriptures and I have to the Words of the prophets a such reverence that I consider as the most precious welfare left to humanity.

Then, I ask to visitors to respect this work.

To the initiated: Reflection, analysis, Weighting.

To the others: Calm, prudence. Read carefully, study and wait for the right time to each to the absorption of the content.

Almighty will bless you.